Backpack Shower Cap

$12.55   Backpack Shower Cap Cover

Here's a great shower cap for your backpack.  It's waterproof, dustproof.  Prevents your bag from getting soaked in the rain.  Lightweight.  Suitable for school, roller backpack, etc. Use it while hiking, cycling, camping or other

Use it while hiking, cycling, camping or other outdoor sports.   Waterproof Camping Covers are a MUST HAVE!  Easily folded into a small size and can be taken almost anywhere you might run into some rain or not.  Great for walking around campuses, hikes, walks, fishing, etc. Protect your goods!

  • Main Material:  Polyester
  • Item Length:50 inch
  • Item Width:50 inch
  • Item Height:50 inch

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$ 12.55
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